MENTHOL EXTRA LONG filter cigarette tubes
for tobacco with 24 mm filter

Extra Long menthol cigarette filter tubes Brutus with 24 mm filter

Extra Long - XL FILTER

The menthol aroma of this filter tube is long lasting and only develops its full flavor when it is used. The package is cellophane wrapped for optimum aroma protection and contains high quality tubes.

We use the best quality raw material as paper and filters. Our tubes are available in packs containing from 115 to 1100 filter tubes in each box.

Because of their reduced volume, savings of more than 10% can be made on tobacco in comparison with standard tubes filled in the same way the result is less waste of tobacco and economic benefits.

Tubes BRUTUS 225 BRUTUS 500 BRUTUS 1000
Unit box 225 500 1000
Pack 8 x 5 6 x 4 4 x 2
Master case 40 24 8
Pallet 24/40 24/24 32/8